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Friday, July 14th

Sterling James interviews America Scores


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Little two point nine KB LX good morning at sterling James and it's time hurricane Felix cares where we show on the line on people and organizations that empower enlighten and serve you our dear KB Alex family and today or shine in the light on organization that serve San Francisco Oakland Sandra fell Redwood City and San Jose this is America scores. And please welcome board member of America's scores steamy in some Damien welcome and thank you very much for having me we really appreciate you guys. Just again here absolutely our pleasure we look forward to our audience hearing about the programs in America scores test offers they can take full advantage of those programs and then of course here about how they can support your programs as. Let's quit your basic mission statements I know that you integrate poetry and soccer. And service to the community how does that. All work with America's scores on paper it sounds a little more sheer right but I think they're really does work we consider ourselves. The premier youth development organization in the Bay Area and while delivering news or leveraging sports literacy. And also community engagement to work on the whole child and that's really the key. Would of found that. He couldn't take one away without really being able to develop the whole each and I think that's that's our overarching goal I think the big take away for a buses. As a youth development organization we wanna focus not just time you know fitness or literacy or community gauged him when all of it because I think act helps to do about the whole child and whose brand and child was this how long has America's scores then involved in the Bay Area and youth service so America scores is as an organization's national organization started in Washington DC. In America scores has been around for over twenty years it's been in the Bay Area for around fifteen years now. I'm our executive director Colin. Has been leading the charge in the Bay Area for a astronomical time. All right let's look at the specific programs that America scores Bay Area. Offers taking a look at those three tiers are those three legs of the programs soccer literacy and community engagement we use the sports the sock Harris kind of honey trap to be fair we find that all kids including adults wanna get out and run around and so we lead with this soccer and that involves having teams in the Bay Area schools it's it's it's very much a afterschool program. Then what we do is we say if you wanna play Hannity and you have to join the literacy portion of and the literacy portion of it really comes in the form of poetry. What we do as we have to kids. Two out of the four. Days that there witness. Work and crafting developing learning the art of poetry and also really (%expletive) sitting on the fundamentals habits of the literacy part writing. Heidi Kraft sentences how do you express yourself and then we've wrapped that around with the community development portion which is. Each school has one or two teams and those teams have to come up with eight community engagement project. Each semester. All on. OK see you mentioned two of the Ford is is involved with illiteracy. So let's take a look at the schedule. So force kind of afford it week commitment. It is. It's very difficult for every kid to be their four days a week but in general that's kind of the craft that they they overarching schedule on home. We do have team days which are fried is doing down at the civic center and that's when we get. I students on that side of the city the teams come together on clay and on Saturdays we have game days act Crocker Amazon. And that gets kind of the students and that sounded city to come together and play and it's really. That's a very much more of a celebration. With parents come it ain't playing have a good time in. That has the. We do little pop up libraries. Kids stand up and do their poetry there really impact awful thing to launch and how do you find you how you find the year do you have. Partnerships or relationships with the school districts or gas so we partner with the school districts and partner with directs the different regional wreck. Column recreational facility and programs SF ranked. Up and are in the same thing Redwood City the same thing in yeast is the same kind. Tell us. Little bit about some of the kids specifically and how the America's scores programs are impacting you can give us. An actual story about one of your youth or just general and I think one of the things I was can ask is how why am I involved. I think there's two parts of that thing from a board member prospective for somebody that wants to give back to the community and to be involved in the community. That program itself has shown to have really proven outcomes right so. They that the kids that participate in the program. We five and that. They do. A 40% better when it comes on to English literacy test and they do. In a thirty sept 30% better from a physical fitness prospective 20% better from math prospective. And so from a board member perspective that's a big deal for me but from my dad and me and individual perspective it's the kids. There's some and read the really special. About watching. You know 78 year world standoff. And read something that they expand you know a couple months working and and you find that guided that. They haven't yet learned that's. Their poetry is as obvious pass that theft theft and so they really they go there they dig deep they really express themselves they really talk about things about it. Holm and cold chair and Greece again. And all of the things acts sometimes as adults we don't think they're thinking about him and gives them a platform to do that. And beyond that just the ability to stand up in front of your peers I think is there really impact full. The name of the organization is America's scores America scores the area dot com. We're talking with Damien fill pot board member of America scores on sterling James. He mentioned a seven or eight year old standing in doing poetry tell us the the age of youth that America scores. Serves here in the Bay Area. So America scores. Focuses. And first through fifth graders who. So for KB Alex listener right now has a use in the east say in San Jose in San Francisco and they have to use that they think would be interested in. Your program which involves only trees soccer community engagement. What is the best way for them to kids involved or can't get on a team misses something that they have to go through their own school administrators. I think the absolute best way is the website. If you go to America scores Bay Area dot com we have maps on there that shows all the schools that where and if we're not in your school we have on the website the ability to contact us and you know request that we caught on to your school. We really focus on our partnership with the schools and we've had situations in which people of requested us to go -- talked to the school district and enabling did and and so we would love it if we're not in the school and you would like to us to be easier. We would love to partner at school. And it's America scores of the areas dot com as Amy and your board member for America scores and you mentioned your died in interest in giving back to the community tell us about the board and the staffing ramming it you are integrating soccer and poetry in community engagement you're gonna have to have a really. Interesting. Staff that helps run America's courts. I think one of the the great things about the organization is is we really do integrated community so we depend a lot on parent volunteers. We depend a lot on community volunteers. The biggest part of our staff says the coaches and which workable soccer and illiteracy. And they are there on a day to day basis everything else is very very fit and as you know that the area is is not an easy place to operates any sort of non profit and so I think we've gotten the organization to a place that where fantastically. Efficient which the vast majority of the staff that coaches and and really leveraging the volunteer. Work. Our listeners do to help support do you need more coaches teen volunteers. Mentors. If donations. I think all we needed we do need some more coaches we do need some more volunteers the game these take a lot of operating strength. And donations. It will definitely. Help. And regarding these service learning that community engagement of their program element are you always looking for. More nonprofits are community organizations to partner with so that these youth. Have ideas on whom to engage for the give back the community civic engagement portion. Is as I discussed earlier a critical part of the program to improve the whole child it's it's critical for us to to say as you get better as a person. You are now responsible for your community and and so we do you leverage. The kid in the perspective they drive process. As they come up there they come up with the develop their own ideas about their home plan. We help them engaged. Organizations if necessary. But it it's not a top mounting actually it's a bottom up until they tell us how they want to improve their communities. Honestly we find that's fantastically more room like. Impact does there in the middle. And you haven't initiative which is called a field of dreams it's too turf initiative what is that initiative. So Knight initiative really is. Started around the idea of increasing that day. The girl participation. In the program. Programs that have. Sports beasts. It doesn't skewing more male to female. And it's very important to us an organization that doesn't occur. And what we found was. Talking to the kids again is that. It's it's the black top issues it's hard to issue a lot of the schools primary and. The clean area is the asphalt. And so we've gone about really targeting. Larger donors corporations in the Bay Area and also parents. To see if we can convert some of the spaces at some of our schools. Two term effect of this is the news this is not the turf that I grew up with the you know that's gonna scratch you and leave raspberries as this news turf out there and that's really comfortable. And really encouraging. Especially for the girls in the program so that they can get out there and plays soccer and have a good time. We actually find that they end up just hanging out there are lots half it creates another hangout space. And so that's like that that that program is really about news. Could we convert some of these spaces in to a more welcoming space for our loved. Children in the program and encouraged specifically. Encouraged the girls practice. Field of dreams asphalt to turf and shoots. And since she integrates. Poetry. And the physical aspect of soccer. Do you actually have. News. Sample of some of the poetry from your I mean there aren't letting I'm not gonna do this. Justice due out later. Absolutely mania. I work with few pilots to repeat their teachers to see I mean at the bar your classes. At one. I am. Now now it's worse. It says life in Mexico. By clearly prize. From Moscow Tony elementary I can artsy. Mexico is green and also glorious. Food is my dream I love it so much I want to die in food. Not shows are actually put it years what I line. Enchiladas made by my mom tacos from the track. Somali stuffed with chicken and love yum yum yum. I am flexible like the waves by day like chopsticks to pick my Chinese food. I was born in the creek open walnuts. Army even though I do not like wallets or creeks why why why was I born in this weird place. Mexico is green and glory it's a different type of Mexico. I don't look like every type of Mexican. Is there a tie is Mike dot Mexican. We can all be Mexican who cares. I love you missed currently priced from Moscow elementary born. In. That creek of law that app and paprika Walnut Creek area that's fantastic that's. All right well in closing let's make sure that our KB Alex audience knows how to support your poetry your soccer yours service learning community. Engagement and and the used to Americus scores that serves again the web site is America scores the area dot com. Your actual brick and mortar location is in San Francisco 1610 Harrison street. And is there a fun of people can reach yet the phone number we have is or 15377. Eat eat eat sad that Ken Borland 5377. 388. Cent. Think Damien still pots and thank you for let me read that beautiful piece of 02 thank you and really appreciate any support we can get we appreciate you guys hosting yes absolutely thank you to Kyle's got a eBay for bringing this story to our attention here at KB elect scares I'm sterling James if you would like to shine a light on your organization. Or if you know somebody who's doing good in the hood and you think that they deserve the spotlight please email me as James KB helix dot com. And in the subject line at KB Alex can't speak as we do.