East Oakland Boxing Association

Friday, June 23rd

Sterling James interviews East Oakland Boxing Association


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Lot of two point nine KB LX good morning at sterling James and it's time for cape Felix cares where we shine light on people and organizations who serve and power and enlighten you my dear KB Alex and sterling James and we are taken a look at east Oakland boxing association. Please welcome three fine gentleman which gives them one by one Solomon Howard is the executive director of Obi ain't welcome Solomon the morning. Warning think you're absolutely thank you for being here we also have. 81690s. Avenue let's make sure that everybody listening has a general understanding of your program's mission statement and what it is that east Oakland boxing association is all about what he'd do. EO BA is because it we are community based youth development organization. We kind of use that hybrid approach of community based verses you development. Because we truly believe in supporting a young person politically so that does encompass caring for the communities that they resided and as well as their direct. That the success. And solicit we have I mean is a musician also they boxing program on this program after school program. It's a great idea teachers is coming in salad too. A safe place for them together and get some great exercise and on the competition is it really based in boxing Brian you tell me what it looks like when you actually walked in to east Oakland boxing association went where has it was look why. When you walk into east Oakland boxing association he's surrounded by a lot of arm around new and at the corner of the building and it's just another grown. Called Smart move and Gaza where on sixth graders and not. Do their homework and they pretty much store that's Macs and a bunch of other food that they give out every Tuesday and then in tennis or boxing ring somewhere. There's three built Kingston. And second building in the middle building in the gym which has who waits on mean. Eighties and other. Equipment. How long have you been with the east Oakland boxing association Brian. Almost is okay so tell also Bob Bryan tell us how he came to you Juan and how you find you youths and and how you use youth find you. Yeah we're actually really grateful for Brian and his whole family uniquely Brian's whole family. Comes on so hand his sister his older brother have a couple other relatives right. And they are just like a prime example like impact where you have one of that family members showing interest and then they bring everybody and so our interest enough like for our Brian in that aren't spam they. Are kind of started he'll be in different ways I'm most of our outreach happens. I within the schools and the piece Oakland. A lot of it is you know we try to build a relationship to support the students at school as well so we will from time to time you a couple of recruiting events or participate Justin. You know whether internships are other activities and through that you know we get a chance to meet new young folks all the time. And you know that's one of the channels that he meant Brian stand and really you know dimmed as being so pumped and excited they'll go home and say I just had a really great class. I it's our community and then like and the comes and next thing you know. Folks just by hand you really try to leverage that opportunity when there's a little interest to expose them to them like well the things that. I yet in the along those lines sound very fortunate a lot of schools and school this organizations had reached out to us think word of mouth has been fantastic so disagree angry net worth they continue sound just to keep us connected and so yeah very fortunate. Steam those phone calls and on. Here's a portion taken and Brian exe prior to this role. An interim head coach and so assumed the in my capacity but we gets spent a lot of time getting their each other the whole family. So and message came Monday through Friday if flight 34 hours so very. A lot of locally time Rembrandt yeah. Brian you mentioned that you know you're at one building that's got the Janice got the speed bags and all that but there's also this room over here the Smart roomed that you Colin aware what was it Smart move Smart moos thank you. So that's a space where used in ten minute mark Idaho Marquette tutors there mentors. Yeah that's a Smart moves was more so like they were raining we try to match ups we'll that's our take on the academic. Side so Smart moves being in the Smart move to be. Focusing your studies and gain success not just physically but so academically on time so we typically range our programs to be age relevant. So eyes and said in an air room we have a kind of six are older group who kind of participates in your development in you leadership. So they get home account we have partnerships with local college is where student intern to help with their studies and so give back in the capacity. Helping with signs Lee's ex senator. So that room for sure a lot of times folks you know the older kids are very much so. The ones that everybody instantly commitment to you or look at. Who's on. A lot of carrier can go there. Appeared. To. And then what is the younger kids room look like we have another building which is a portable right now and done and we kind of we have some tables we set out and socially yanked it's a setup setup around. Around the area and to pull out their homework though laughs and books on just various capacities of getting on academic enrichment is the Holtzman title that we used the judge is coming getting them on for a good hour hour and a half we wanna get them is continuing factory in coming around academic support. East Oakland boxing association 81698. Avenue in Oakland the website is EOB eight dot or. And sterling James this is KB Alex cares and was sitting down with the east Oakland boxing association's executive director deputy director and and youth who is actually representing. The youth boxers of the programs of Solomon. Austin and Brian are here now. You have this kind of three real cheers to the program. The academics. The the boxing and in education and then had a general life skills is that about right now tell us more about how those three programs serve the kids specifically of east Oakland. And how. That community as has changed with the velocity it's. Yes so within the three we'd like carbon propellers because we're always moving forward. I'm within the three propellers we have eyed youth development is actually just one of the main focal points as we talked about with the academic enrichment health and love and life skills. It really extrapolate to our overall mission earlier I witches. Two. Serve that that day youth group realistically so that's your development focus which we're we are all of our propellers live as far as academic enrichment want this life skills. But then it. Outside that subgroup we also have community engagement and Stanley support services within those three propellers being youth development family services and mean indeed it. We want to strive to make sure that the young person can be empowered. To live and contribute in each of those sections on so blessed as you use I just quick intro like what each of those propellers are we spent a lot of time are used development propeller mainly because that's where we started from Eden and founder decided to create EPA. Since then this kind of these hidden jams that founder realized he had access to especially when young folks come into the door review when it's extend that support that we give to the young folks choose their families. With the understanding that we are only as good as the work we do with the families if we can all include limits now. So as Brian mentioned earlier we have our monthly food drive. Which is one of the biggest points of our family services we're all the family members that come to EO BA but also our reader deep east Oakland community. Every third Wednesday of the month in partnership with that Alameda County food bank we do with huge food drive and with that normally guises supplement some of those those. May be shortcomings or family can't. Necessarily afford to a grocery shop in the way they do at that he need to support their family we try to. Build partnerships that provide accessibility have an excellent as community engagement the meeting gauge it really is kind of our social rule platform for a community. Deep east Oakland historically has not necessarily had the right platform to. Vocalize some of their needs and a way that it reaches the wider audience to make changed. So Il be really thrives on that since a community where no matter how old you are we are you come from if you live in deep east Oakland. We are have that responsibility to come together share resources but more so unite. I and efforts to address these issues so every quarter four quarters out of the year we do a quarterly town hall. That quarterly town hall does just that where. You know we'll have various topics that the community can chime in on. What tend to set up action plans were we ought can put our resources together to resolve a certain issue. Most recently we had the mayor come to one of our town harvested do you more so presentation of the Oakland budget where it was a big topic in deep east presence felt like they were disconnected to the allocations of money and expenses. Generous enough that mayor came by and say hey. And address this directly and we had you know two hours it. Where folks are asking questions about the budget there are certain presentations that really opened and site of where the funds go that allowed the deep each community to feel each and so that's kind of like that examples that we tried today exhibit with each of the propellers but definitely. All surrounding like young people we truly believe that if we can set that example where a young person. Can identify with there are contribution to their neighborhood or their community and then also. Communique and a healthy way with their parents to address some of the needs as well as I get that academic support. Having that track record that puts a young person and a better place whether it's next level of going to higher education for college. I'll learning it trader vocational skill or just being with a good personal. I only have this saying that process and and I kind of came out with wire here we tend to like use that phrase when we have these tough moments where we're just like. I hope we make impact how we went to our hope repairing effective. We just tense ever matter to the wire we hear us a cappella speak it would be imports of that kind of monitor we have and how that also helps us connect with families young people. Like as solidly he's he's alluded to the propellers. On you know we were a very very blessed with on the vision and then the overall program it's had a fantastic vision from the beginning. And we kind of came to was thinking about the holistic approach so you think about. Bomb how most agencies operate we consider there's like silos write a school operates within that those parameters. And so does Amazon's place an entry agencies are kind of latest. Now if we took that and we turned it we can knack for playing with this idea and then we elegant than diagram and then the way it is this worked out very well resetting. I'm our programs on these propellers if we took away there than diagrams kind of an. On these users intersecting it hole basically from and so I'm we're talking about to sign a wire we hear really how we make impact. A lot of times we might be in one space were like we really need to help the student with academics but we can't really you can make progress in that area unless like you're able to support that and the peace and community pieced. In his access to resources maybe there's some kind of education that can happen down for the family or support and it's not some approach that we. One that feel like we have all the answers but almost like this opportunity yet. Access all those different areas and so yes that's kind of where you know we talk about this idea why are we here it's this holistic approach of help being. Our students to find that angle right which is to be successful and so how do we get there is a psyche now. On that as kind of process that reach and operate. So he had the academic she had the community support and there's the health and wellness as a mean aid it is the east Oakland boxing association and that's got to be what turns a lot used on in terms a lot of talent is on a cunning gets them in that the war. As a boxing yourself Brian is that kind of what turned you onto the first place was on me and I can actually. Pox and cool program via. Now what is that program look like howdy youth access that is there an age range they have to show up to they have to meet some kind of weight requirements or her how does the boxing part. At least Oakland boxing association where he knew about going to sort of sop with and how does afterschool program was a schedule applying in the clubs and then all I'll pay you back. After school program you have too little now lowered to do your homework before exercise time which adds to this time stars out toward. And and that fort dirty. What dirty you get snack and around 445. Clubs sty and Ian 545. Like an hour of clubs. Well I personally start late sting until seven and so the program ends six. And I seem to essentially to stay in extra antigen. And what are clubs what's the club's you'll be in as many different clubs and some of the clubs I mean UB UR block seem. Il aren't. Guard in movie. And leader okay. Tell you actually moviemaking. Deny you just watch movie saga Friday's. A movie time yeah movies again it is okay. And and that's it today in it's a little bit more so what we tend to to do with that boxing. Off the wing folks here UB area east Oakland boxes. Without a doubt a moment folks like boxing champ. Like recreational like what are you guys doing training folks you know complete a special moments ago and my simple answer is all of that. I think with. You'll be in early its first started it was. Vary much to Bryant's play it's cool. It's something that you know that alternatives like approached after school program summer Richmond is not just an extension of your school day. We realize that throughout the time especially with the trial and apparently trying to mold a program. I can really young people all backgrounds that really enjoy there was also with in our community. We have a very targeted group who. You know. Bless all of the organizations that. Provide these services I think we all are united but there's also a certain level of customization and freedom inch waist. That we want to our our folks at an early age so with the clubs. You know every day except for after school program. Young folks we have arm mandatory worker's idea or. More times available at young people need more support in that area but Naimi moving to a site wide exercise time. With exercise time we year varied Mexico. When he departs this idea that you have to get out move on even if it's that would arms act silly we wanna promote that helped and that routine. Where as they grow up go find time for exercise you think about all of us. But doctors are busy schedule just like I. Just twenty minutes and I can just get that kind of a deal that ends are routine so you know we utility and he building's lights to those that are manageable to track success. You know it's going to be you know you you recognized an early age so after exercise time and we move into our clubs with Brian describe as. You know we have. Quiet Friday. We have when side and actual garden that the young people actually built it designed we have my garden club urban fresh gardeners all really. Takes on our entrepreneurial spirit with our young folks that into. Finally learn steals that can help maintain our gardening produced programs that. But they develop attract and develop the skills at that in the and then it moves into our cooking nutrition classes we're boxers who participate in cooking the beer food mart garden. Prepared for others used in the site to be able to take advantage on. Com. Eater arts computer we really just gonna focus on my way. Can develop a young person in the capacity where they have this skill set. It also boxing is acting up and down on Costas spoke to really your a lot earlier than. Maybe share your philosophy about that. The idea and you can provide that activity that physical level there art gains new story there Morse a support system that are built that reinforced their academic career. Some former school psychologist and I did my thesis on. A correlation between were of exercise and academic achievement and so I'll part of what I do I do I'm more like I do a lot of like non cognitive testing. So we what I have found honest more preliminary but. Exercise does have a pretty significant impact on executive functioning essentially you know. Tom the ability to. Put all your skill assess go to achieve the tasks hosted people who might be. Having did you lose attention for example so as a red SO really beautiful thing that we had video BA com we're very unique to have boxing. So I'm really excited sick and I on delve into a little more common future hopefully we can non forms and partnerships to do a little more research in that area. I think that's something that we again very blessed to have that opportunity. On and then you know what part of that any jury questioning the boxing. So with the up and after school program there ages around five to about fourteen that there's been scheduled a Brian alluded to earlier. On that is up to refinance at 445 to about six they gonna be seeing the boxing club. Tom we have we're billion curriculum for boxing ring now where we can Canon cheered. To tears there's beginner intermediate and advanced in an advanced age rubio more competitive athletes. So that's and they were also building in on trying to get our network with Jim's going as well. Only some coming in New Year's in the coaching role also won just reestablished on slow. That's a big thing that we wanna do on the recent I'm great athletes rich and competing so hopefully. That'll be something that we're we're just gonna be we're going to be able to support some competitions and hopefully you know host some some events as well on the future. So yup that's kind of speed to the boxing tae component yes that we. All right so it looks as if you guys offer incredible amount a program to youth in need. It also looks if you probably have some needs yourself so where you are greatest needs briefly. As far as donations mentor as you mentioned partnerships with jams partnerships with possible venues where he can hold competitions where your biggest needs. Com but it is of willfully in the gym capacity. Anybody that Tom could lead to suppression of your donations for equipment or these capacity were deathly. Rebuilding there and so now will be a great Soviet rates a source of support come with equipment. Boxing gloves. Speed bags on heavy bags weight equipment from ocean distinct oceans. So I was actually bodybuilder so we're deathly trying to bring that element in this world com. You know. Are you commend anything in an issue we'd love to just connecting talk. Yeah and I think big picture I just a disclaimer is we've been around for thirty years. I'd this year actually marks our thirtieth year anniversary and we have I gala coming up in November. Which will be a more commemorative event that allows folks to. Have insight into the work that we've gone over thirty years. With that being said our facilities have not been truly renovated since I'd 1987. So any help in that direction and whether it's donations. Connect to resources I don't allow a step further plan are bigger at the Asian. For that space is as excellent. I'm we are also just looking for general. Partnerships so we've. Firmly believe in connecting with other community organizations schools however that can use and support with spoke kiss. Discipline and a bit of a Kool Aid small. We are totally open to partners at bats are a big focus sources. Figure out how to get our facilities bet and a place that matches will we have inside but also connecting more. So an addition today retrofitting just aren't campus we're looking that being able to be sustainable that's one of you BA's biggest sat themes at this point. I've been where we are in DB's Oakland we realize that there is an extreme need our young people. Are in a position where these resource is art at a at an affordable cost for their families and pretty much every organization that needs to sustain themselves need to figure out how to like generate revenue. Unfortunate for us we want to remain. Having all of our programs free. Our after school program free for ages five to twenty wind. Enrollment starts very much so it mine with WSD school schedule visit our website for more information. I'm our summer program and roll it again completely free where addressing that out of school time directly but also wanting to maintain. The accessibility where it's not costing parents anything to get quality. I program. And with that our programs. Do you address these these kind of mental health needs that we've been seen with in our area and part of that is in using our mental health. Strategies with an programs that RD exist that's. Not something that a young person felt like they're sitting on a couch trying to elect diagnose their field shot on an op says has definitely. Added to that vision in a way today we can inject successfully mental health. Academics health and wellness life skills fun. On those things from. On yet did you I think we with our programs we have a great opportunity to you adjustments. As a commissioner Emma former school psychologist. Fossil teams that we've been playing with that would be great is now we talked about access and that's support you know there is. A lot of granted there are you know health insurance agencies how do you find them how you access that. On the goal would be to in bed mental interventions into our programs. So were we a do's. On if anybody is listening and look to connect with a zombie fantastic. Theoretically for the design programs and we have that. Bomb but I think that's where B greats also discussed that that any potential partnerships or opportunities for people who have ideas as well it's to play and there but. In a mental health is. And they do we're seeing it is as a pretty these areas it needs to be addressed and really we wanna deal provide that so. We're growing we have a lot of on solid plans that they were just gonna. You know just really support and resources on a Mac to pass that we fantastic I had. And like big finger motivated by impact if you wanna see a young person come in the door. Meeting down on their lot and then see them leave out that same tour Mike motivated. Feeling empowered connected to lightweight they feel success is. Outcome in doubt in my you know week. I guess at every third Wednesday we to a huge food aid but more importantly just come down to visit I mean that energy of our place is so invigorating when you walk in the door you can't help but to have a smiling face. I mean everybody so appreciative our young families they come and give as much as they canned. And we really thrive off of that community like we look at community. Bigger than just where we live or where we work we wanna create this community where everybody can be involved everybody can contribute and I guarantee you if you come down and see the site. We may or may not pitcher in the rain. I wanna get that you know fancy going out beacon that we facilitate that but it's more so like the energy that Stanley that we have at EO BA is something that keeps me coming back every day. What does it feel like for you Bryant and it suited to say I'm a boxer. Boxer you to go to east welcome boxing association as a as a youth and in Europe boxer it makes me feel more. A little bit more confident when I'm not in the streets walking. Or riding my bike cousins so home a stranger walks of two week trip through her opinion could just. Ducked and internally and Bob and weave baby about a range from. Britain and what does it mean for you to know that your whole family is is involved with with volunteering in his sister is there a year is there it's actually kind of fun because they actually get to a role with them. And read too much and and technology as are all sent around the house in playing video games or whatever unions are actually at the senator. Boxing and learning and a well you'll be isn't actually a very fun program to be. If anyone wants to fund. Just join you'll be at it and says do it. EL BA east Oakland boxing association. Would use all men are also Tellme tell me your favorite EO of BA story. Awesome and I have had the privilege to be new the new members that you'll be family started in September of last year and one of the things that's kind of been that motif like this the theme of our relationship at he'll be our contribution. Is pushing it to the that's us I'm pushing it to limit meaning we want to challenge ourselves daily and we wanna make sure that we aren't. Just settling for what's in rabbis but we hear like striving to make that next level impact. Sometimes we learn from that though so. We had it is an incident where one of our pipes army pipes burst. During our rainy season and it was pretty tragic you know what the pipe burst rates are coming down. And awesome and I you know we are white and you know kind of a two man team do you like diving and to get these like issues that have supporting team members but. At this moment the pipe burst rain it's coming down. Street to streets are flooding. Also some as a tech background I exe my computer design on the he's had throughout the laptops open trying to figure this out. When the pipe burst and the trees are flooding and some would like and we have got to get this thing under control also. We block out there and then the can't really seem the drainage pipe does. One of our some we need him out there to. Transatlantic feeling some kind of weird stuff and they're not really sure how to turn the pipe wind up calling. On the fire department of doubt in my nose is big deal where it's like rain in the water and we try to open sewer manhole cover daily try to turn around that much elect. And then in the middle of it off it was right. You know I think we can just. Hold this together and may be taping or something until we get the fire department like turn it off and in the middle of it costs of key it's that tight and it really great pleas were dismissed. Still like. You know functioning parts fronting in the site work it. And then there was that moment were like if we push just a little more we can probably seal it. So process of ten like pushed it can hit and then that pipe burst and mortars Cushing and it's been a and it was a moment where we are just like we had it perfect we should let it go. But you know it's almost that. That the that's what some are always striving to try to like push ourselves. In a way that we can make impact happened in the best way but also learning along that we learn sometimes you know. Pushing his cool. But just a moment to see. Are we should be which and how much damage was Erin have you recovered and got back they believe but I think also. The moment they Airways. Let's push but it's also like take a moment like when things are working let's think of other and I think it's where we can pirates. Like I always tell my daughter who's five. But be Smart source and yeah. All right Solomon Howard executive director of east Oakland boxing association thank you set for your time in your stories in your passion shine we appreciate you celebration thank you. Thank you so much for having us we truly appreciate the opportunities get that message out to that audience in the community are they can be involved. And also to some of the work that we're dealing with the people. Absolutely I also if con deputy director of east Oakland boxing association you too sir thank you for your time. Some settling on just really appreciate to be here and on yeah please if any reason to sit on we have a great variety of programs. I would love to connect in any capacity and in exploring kind of partnerships support team that. Tang and it's EO OB aid dot org that's the website and young mister Bryant Sanchez we will save space for you and we celebrate Chiu an icy that you are poised and ready to take on the world's. Eight Q actually pretty nervous when we you go into that started it was exits and it turned out well it did thank you for your contribution east Oakland boxing association 81698. Avenue in Oakland their phone numbers by 104308056. And again the website is EO BAA or their mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment. In which youth of Oakland can feel secure as the achieve success in school while learning life skills and building self esteem. In preparation for their futures east Oakland boxing association again EO BA dot org I'm sterling James this is KB alike scares thank you to Carl's got a base for bringing this story to our attention if you would like to shut the light on your immunization or you know somebody who's doing good in the hood and you think that they deserved spotlight please email me S James Acadia Alexa dot com and in the subject line that can be elect scarce because we do.