Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner calls the Morning Dream Team

Monday, October 16th

Houston Texas' own Mayor Sylvester Turner called the Morning Dream Team to let the Bay Area know how Houston is doing to rebuilt after the devestation of Hurricane Harvey. 


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Point JD LX debase them. There are indeed welcome to the dream team radio. Still dream team we do mornings alive. Monday through Friday on one or two point nine JP. LX one I'll do what I can be LX debatable what are they dream team radio would give BT Tony skull and guest night the Tony Roberts Antawn Davidson on the line. What does this morning it is my man Sylvester turner he is the mayor. For Houston good morning man I can't get more and Barney are very good it would probably. First of all it's great to hear from you especially what is going on in Houston the last month or so what are we came Harvey. First of all we wanna know how you've got to make it out down there used to. Well you know with the upcoming from many people from all over the country because it's. We just started to turn the corner with making tremendous progress there. Our primary concern still remains seeing news. People with special needs of people that low income communities. That are columns that need to be we have it someplace is totally rebuilt. But I would say overall it move it quite well. Let them back 27 trading gallons of water and no dropped out of the big league ball. But city as a whole. Has brought together first response to an exceptional job and neighbors separate paper cuts Americans principal. The pages do we've seen even here from the Bay Area just. People helping now the volunteers of people from all over the country coming down there what's the spirit like did you sing. The spirit has just been incredible. Even people who was home so bad luck. Simply now in India recovered. Eight. Both the spirit of the people as simply. A basic. And let me tell you sir when we had our from the bay to the baby's diaper drive the smiling on the may evil. From the faces who knew that they were going to help the people of Houston was incredible it was such an exchange of energy. I am met and that have that is well we felt that spear. I think in the city of Houston I would have very appreciative. And that ultimately be an enormous support that we have racially. And they just don't came together at the end of put together a cargo plane. Using uniter and took about fifty. How that and more are to Puerto Rico as well. It's okay. You who has to lose and balances it. As people have common blasts past we also need a lesson to someone now to Jerusalem. I want all of these. It doesn't stop us from that and others who found themselves in need at the types. Mayor turner if there's anything else that we can do we just wanted to thank you for your spirit. Thank you for the spirit of the whom they used audience out there than people in Texas. And just a side note dove faculty and staff at the Houston diaper bank yet today our diet. They're superheroes and they are so easy to work with they communicated with is in the midst of everything that we had going on. And it just it's just Pelham thank you because without them we couldn't have done an out here on our friend. Well and that's it and how will they did an incredible job it's a great city and I don't want to pick up with its thank you all as well. And of course you know I've got relatives that they had to post comes up. Yeah yeah. And our girl needs to happen. The best I appreciate that. And they and and they and they and not just I was asked so well it was the worst received. Believe it either it will probably go without stalled that I would be yes stealing champion. City you go every actor in cases so this is is that if about air stroke. Demonstrating. When did I bet you don't have to say that fact you stand up to much. There you go out that you so much mayor we appreciate all that you say this morning and good luck to you guys in this continue to do what you do when there continued blessing and yeah. Yeah the radio. On mono two point nine KG LX.