Sterling James Exclusive Interview With Van Jones

Thursday, July 20th

Sterling James Exclusive Interview With Van Jones.


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One of two point nine KB Alex of bay area's number one driver and be it sterling James with a KB LX exclusive interview. With highly engaged social and environmental justice activist and leader. CNN contributor and best selling author mr. Van Jones hello man. How real. Good fits a year in the middle of your nationwide even tour. We rise tour powered by love Miami and banned for people who don't know you I mean if you look on the wind you'll see things like leaders CNN contributor. Author highly engaged in social and environmental justice but if you had a run in two. And every day person on the street who didn't know who you wire and you tried to explain. Who you YE a life's mission and and what you up to what would you say who was Van Jones. I'm trying to build bridges and talked problem. Let me look at my whole career where acknowledged the work you have to dip the typical police department is that Putin has in my 20000 young drove. The Yale Law School graduate dreadlocks commercial and a lot of greens bar card and you know doing the typical with department local police department. Trying to solve real problems that we actually reform as deputy is not perfect but it it would make real progress. We closed five you'd prison working with the Ella baker center for human rights and open which I found it almost twenty years ago. We we got unified you've written in California close stop them from though that this is Sergio we got the green jobs that Cohen Soledad I'm just somebody in the trying to solve problems. And I wound up working for Obama wound up working with and I wound up on CNN but all of those things came out of my passion to solve problems are people. Ryan and here we are now 127 same. Low again have you done an incredible amount of work blessings and and thank you we are grateful. And you've got some some great partners in some great team members as well of course why is this event so important why is that we rise torso important tell us more about the love army. And of course tell us a lot about the beneficiaries. Who will receive a 100% of the proceeds from this too. Well we need to get together because keyboard are too depressed they're too distressed. We have forget we're forgetting especially in the bay. What we have so many brilliant people so much power so much creativity either the technology. If peace is crazy. As just love that people have that we Wear show on the planet earth. How people can get along he got 304050 different you know languages spoken public schools electric out of it so we can't just sit around and tweet and being man. We've got to get together on I want a report back what I think he could you know CNN and that means to West Virginia. Sent me to Arizona Mexico border let me guess Clinton had a partisan. So I want a report back I think we're getting tricked. I think wherever I go to see where his white black or brown I see the same stop addiction poverty program justice system high death rate whether it suicides overdose or homicide. Common pain. No comment purpose I think we're getting tracked the I think I think they're they're trying to have. You know the people at the top in both parties would rather have left turning on each other. Crockett racial lines are lines to do an alliance. Turning on each other reverend turning to each other so that we realize toward them kind of looked up a lot of popular that's happening in the bay which people sometimes forget. And it would that was the main. It leads to a recent announcements six or seven months are crazy and we can't just let the people we can't let them do steal our source. Source New Haven bands you know alleviate that they're going forming just went up in the White House and wouldn't let them steal our joy is keep us being brilliant not gonna happen. Now can't squash or shine known now. So how it's cool war. As state by state nationwide. Tour now obviously you're gonna have music you're gonna how poetry you've got one on one with local activists say you're going to be engaging local people. You're gonna have special guest you're gonna have your keynote of course and you are very motivational. And how does it chore activate people what are you hoping it. Like if you actual solve a literal movement walking out of fuel were we rise to our well it look like. Well number one people have a chance to plug him right there. All the tickets that that the dream core two extreme core is located right there in the Bay Area in Oakland the dream course supports yes we code. Which is getting Silicon Valley to takes seriously the opportunity to create a British ships in and career pathways for. Urban use it is Silicon Valley in make stuff that is if Oakland Kidd their just co Q you're twenty minutes thirty minutes away. From the apple campus of FaceBook campus school campus. We aggregate a thousand miles away Namibia on the moon but you know I was the dream port the port yes we code building those bridges the dream course supports green for all. Working to get solar jobs and full opportunity to visit building knows bridges. I'll we have cut fifty which is a campaign to cut the prison population. And half. Over the next ten years work or Republican and Democrat. And we you know we actually had a big victory with of the California State Legislature getting some stuff moving forward defense that introduced in DC even intra EC. Getting part of the bill moving forward became a close presence so you know these are the types of things that are still happening we're now waiting. For both boot priced in Washington DC to revolve itself. And so we would have looked like it plus other global voices and local what is for change are going to be lifted up as well. I think people got to get away from the screen I think people have to come into biblical. Proximity with productivity and I think it becomes. Fashionable to be cynical the 2008 it was special to be hopeful be power that ballot flake we are acting like trump. He's sample he's nasty. He's always on the lowest common denominator and he's pulling out all down his level. They'll be a part of the reason to go on tour is to take on a community from town to town. To tell the president of the good news. That we used to have revivals you need to have that tradition of people coming together and celebrating the good and we try to bring that back. Right and that's the love army hash tag it and army that we rise tour powered by the love Miami Van Jones is on the radio with this is KB LX. I'm sterling James and Telus quickly in closing Ben Jones what the love army that's. Well that's it was a socialist slogans threw in the speech that we are Dominican from headline automaker real bad. Our point was it seemed like hate army is martian all around the world in you know different. Forms you know that different levels I mean. You know ice is about we hate army. If you play with Putin is up to you know try cracked you're part of it is based on hate I would even go or will participate that a lot of hatred they'd be a command 2008. You know it gets Muslims against Mexicans against black lives matter ability if they don't have a love army marching he'd have a love army marching. You know and and to me the army is as important love is not about who might ask is not about oh well you know whatever it is that we just can't sing and pray about it. Now that that mama bear love you know momma bear. Love those coats. Yeah it's and you cannot metal though the winds near where the mama bear the load army is based you know to go low army data or we are people find out in at 49 states. We're we're doing education. Would do a bridge building but we're also sticking up for the people who you know dot from one to put down. We've talked about Mexicans Muslims African American it's Federer but we're gonna bring the to a higher level and I got to go to that level went out and play his game we are playing a game. Love of love and prince would support that as well huge prince and you're a fan of France and were personal friend difference which one of these initiatives locally here. Do you think he would have loved the mouse cut fifty S week code green for all. I don't have to get the good thing about have to get that we started yet we code together prince and I started if we coat together treatment with skills that wintry wintry aren't died. I was talking to friends and how that's that and he he made it very profound observation. Whenever we see an African American kid wearing that he. People always assume as a vote. But if you see a white kid wearing a city you'd think oh vehicle Mark Zuckerberg. For a long time that he would uniform and Silicon Valley and nobody got shot nobody got put in jail and he says we need to clear that until why is that not solely because racism and president well at it could be racism. But also we have not created enough black. Mark Zuckerberg that we need to make sure that the next several police officers see the black kid and ability they don't know what it is Silicon Valley genius or what he is. Tree yes we code. To begin its give our young people in my case. So he didn't directly helped us launch yes we code. He gave money directly to green for all and we became friends. Trying to get so what governor that in fact. There are people in Oakland right now and have full account on our house that they don't know per pay for the I'll have to get what pres or what the president was with about how one more people to know that about. You know he was. Artistic genius but that's the least doubt it. He had a genius for people for humanity. That was so complex and powerful it could only expresses so musically but he was much more than just a finger are your. Songwriter. He was that you the moral. And that's why his music artists people. All around the world and very hard to do. That they'd been when he died all around the world people you know turn on the purple lights to let you know. Our buy content that the penguins knew differences. The penguins and who I've tower was purple. Are so folks and Oakland appeal warming your toes by heater with solar power you may have actually got met. Through green for world and one of these programs that prison Van Jones helped to create. Find out more about these initiatives and how you can get involved about Peewee rise tour and about the man himself Van Jones. Online at Van Jones dot net and thank you man so much for your time today. Thank you thank you so much I appreciate said the report things seem very true love army. Love army and if you're in that when you're in the bay please come by the K Billick studios to say hey if you can't. That evidence that don't cheat don't get me my move in there. Me honey we will roll out the welcome mat for. And it's Merkel it'd. Are bigoted aren't thank you Dan I have a.