Van Jones

Monday, July 31st

Van Jones visited the Dream Team for an exclusive interview.


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No two point done JD LX debate never one for our indeed welcome to the dream team radio. Jets still dream team week day mornings a lie Monday through Friday on one or two point nine JP LX. One or two point nine JB LX debates number one for R&B it is your dream didn't give me to you Tony skull and in the studio with us we are so honored to have this brother man he is one of the the wives his brother is a seal on TV doing this paint talk at every bit and political or otherwise we have. And all. OK okay. Her date for you welcome home to San Francisco. Glad to be back you know idea gone airplane leaving California aft flight towards DC is like flying back in time. Because it in the day and we Abu that we rise to or I'm this tired everybody being depressed. And stressed we need to be lifted he has to how seriously. Or is dude like Steelers still. I even Jesus loan to. Don't be born and yet I am going on a fourteen city towards call we rise. And the idea is. While they haven't as food fight in Washington DC. While everybody is kind of divided at the top and nothing's getting done nothing getting done here. Look at all the beautiful stuff is happening at the local level the grassroots level people crossing lines of race and gender and everything else to get real stuff done. And so we're gonna just we're going around to lift up the positive and we just can't how he. Hate. Our very profound I mean rent movies you're gonna fail you're not going to be good at Patton the out. Until people want it to Mike you can't make sure Gregory be just as loud as they ears yeah golf is still just rhetoric right and you know remain. If we got to move past great words to great works that's going to be what brings people together we need almost like a bipartisanship from below. The people up top even winning when they do come together is usually from like written app though or some war or war and deregulate Wall Street is on the ignorance are evil want bipartisanship there. But I do want. I'm bi partisanship of ordinary people we got a criminal justice system is broken right you've got addiction now in. All community through the roof well yes you know you have on your kids even when they go to school and they get a good job. Now the computers and and that we called artificial intelligence technology out we have real problems common pain. But no common purpose. I've been West Virginia and I think people in West Virginia who. Folks from babies hundred point can help because. They're just now dealing with some of the stuff when it comes to addiction did just down dealing with this stuff is coming to like him as being toward a system they've never seen this before so this is joining -- become a problem is then that it's it's moving into other areas than in the inner cities that that's one way to look at it is okay now with the problem but at the same time there's resilience and our community that the solution. We actually have wisdom and genius and our communities now there might be a market for her that we can stop being who we are. That's the worst thing he did you let somebody else's home. Change you. That's on you when Obama was there it was cool to be hopeful now he's there is cool to be cynical even though we think we're against it. So I'm sandwiched around nobody speak at the same time what was saying and it's nobody's speaking out against off of the cynicism and knowledge that they could be split now via yell I leave you right now. The Bay Area has sole meaning amazing people. Yes beautiful people artists intellectuals technologist. In any geniuses. Like you did Mary like genius on top a genius wrapped up in genius deep frying genius. The wire we depressed and not do we could what we could be doing. To bring people out of this funk and put four real solutions that our time will come again. But what I learned when I had a breakdown. And I had many breakdowns. A breakthrough came com if you decide to go make the challenge make you better and not better you got a lot of little progresses letting us make us bitter and not better. Bang on work really quick government to enjoy this because we are in the Bay Area and part of your dream core. One of the components is yes we called and it's all about you know getting. More and more involvement from the undated undeserved. Areas underserved areas to be involved in the tech community absolutely talk about that while we lease deal underserved in that area. Well we are not then good happens to black people brown people import people accidentally. That's the definition of racism that there's no poverty is nothing good is gonna happen accidentally a lot of math that might have it would but nothing does that have accidentally so we. When prince was alive the beloved Iraq star when he was alive. He and I got together to create yes we code yes we code is about your jobs and internships apprenticeships. In Silicon Valley. Mainly from day for Bay Area young people. You know Oakland is only like twenty minutes away right from Google FaceBook that we act like if on the other side and among them and we've been able to find good partnerships and you know plays like salesforce. Twitter and others who are opening their doors up. Cut fifty. V population as saying Clinton sunny 5% of them have at one point cuts these Foster care system you know we talk about the prison to pipeline. You know school to the prison pipeline is there a direct correlation. Between Foster kids and prison and how come 75%. Of the San Quentin population has that one point in time didn't involve. Me you know that's that's that's the heart breaking number I realized it was yeah that's not a founder unity house you know which is a locally based and he said 75% of well I mean I think there's probably two things going on. Those young people who wind up in the Foster care system are more vulnerable to Nick Carter. But Dan rather than having a safety net to pull them back is look like it's more of a spring board but he did hit that system and go to the next morning. Because once there out of the system I mean they don't have credit they don't have a credit history. They don't have a job merit still already know is these street survival skills. Which puts them in the prison system so what are we doing and for those eighteen to 22 year olds that are aging out of the Foster care system so they don't end up putts and Clinton. Well I don't think we're doing enough and I what I will say is that the cut fifty campaign which we are running out the dream core. Is working to make sure that fewer people wind up in prison period but we might need to focus up a little bit on this issue and that's part of why I'm doing this tore. I want to be reopened I love being on TV the bad thing about being on television. Is everybody can see you you can't hear somebody out so everybody can hear you you can't hear anybody. Incisive let me go out and just be we're real people and did challenge like that I hadn't I hadn't heard that number wolf. I mean I'm not Amman at night a rack oh yeah I've heard that now we are achieved we got there and it doesn't sound like 75%. That's three out of four yeah and if you consider you know these are for profit system I'm looking at this as a spy containment nobody's talking about there. You know and and when they and they get out they have not thing. But listen. We don't it doesn't matter who's a Washington DC that problem you just talked about that's a local issue a state issue that's right heart and soul issue that's a good faith community issue. That's something we can do something about. And I tell you right now. The medicine. That we need. Is going to come from asking if not do it this poison coming from Washington DC but the antidote and the medicine is gonna come from people. But it we close our hearts out and put his other pillow and more about somebody else's tweets. The Mets not an accomplice to which I would just trying to get the healing to happen right you'll that it we fix the system let's heal the people. We heal the people system we'll get effects. Yeah pence that we grass tour that's what it's all about. You know what they that you make a great point where our social media we do we do it all of this talk about let's get together in person yet talked to one another build some bridges. Mean some people that you don't know it and start to build some relationships. They can strengthen our community so really really appreciate you for bring in his suite rats tour throughout the nation and we really appreciate what you do. On 102 point nine JG LAX.